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Mystic SteamFire “DFM”
DesignFires is the market leader in building professional water vapor fireplaces “SteamFire". Mystic SteamFire ​​is an illusion of fire, made with cold water steam and LED light + a little warm and a small fan. You can design and get the style and look you want, as standard we make your fireplace, according to your tastes and dreams. It can be made in length from 500mm to 3500mm, we can build around it for you in steel or concrete 100% according to your needs. You decide for yourself the decoration from the large selection of luxury accessories.
Mystic SteamFire “DFM”
Mystic SteamFire ​​can even self tank water from a can, or a water pipe, so you can spend your time on other things than getting water on your fireplace. Since water does not cost as much money as Wood and Gas or Ethanol and is used to put out fires, it is completely safe and very economical and environmentally friendly. It is even good for the indoor climate with water vapors, which in modern houses is too dry in Scandinavia. All it needs is water and 220V electricity, no extra supply air or chimney is needed. Mystic SteamFire ​​can provide coziness in a fire place that often looks very boring in public environments or in private houses.
Advantage of Mystic SteamFire ​​is
Cheap to use as it runs on water. Does not heat. The water vapor is good for within the house climate and us humans. (as the air is often too dry in Scandinavia, especially in winter) 100% Fireproof. 100% Children safe.

How does it work?

The flame effect is created by means of a technically advanced system that releases water vapor – ie extremely small water droplets that form a controlled mist that is incredibly similar to ordinary fire flames. This steam is illuminated with LED lights that give a fantastic effect.

Exclusive touch

The fireplace is excellent to build in and will definitely give an exclusive feel to your home. It is available in many different sizes – from half a meter to over two meters! The possibilities are many, and the chance that it will fit into your home is therefore great. We help you with this, and adapt to your wishes.

Child and climate friendly

The fireplace emits no heat in itself and therefore it is also child-friendly, so you can have your hand in the “flames” without it being harmful. On the contrary, the flames are especially good in homes with low humidity, where too dry indoor climate is a problem.