Digital Bio-Ethanol Fireplace PRO(DFE)

Install a DFE in your old open fireplace to create a cozy and warm feeling with no smoke.You can design and get the style and look you want, as standard. We make your fireplace, according to your tastes and dreams

It can be made in length from DFE500mm, DFE700mm, DFE1000mm, DFE1200mm and not standart up to DFE2400mm

We can build fireplaces to meet 100% of your needs, in concrete or handmade steel casings in lengths from 560mm, 760mm, 1060mm, and 1260mm, with heights of 500mm, and depth of 350mm (only), with openings on all sides or 1-3 sides.

You decide for yourself the decoration from the large selection of luxury hand made Accessories

from: 2000€ Price includes 25% VAT

Advantage of DFE


High safety thanks to a digitally controlled pump with safety sensors. Superior and safer design than standard hand filled ethanol fireplaces


Beautiful real hot orange fire, that is alive and provides just as much heat as a real Wood stove


High level of heat output:DFE500 = 3.6kW, DFE700 = 5.76kW, DFE1000 = 8.64kW,DFE1200 = 10.08kW and DFE2400 = 21.06kW

Biggest Fueltank

Market’s Largest Ethanol FuelTank as standard, that provides up to over 20 hours of burning time. We can make ethanol fuel tanks to any size you need


DFE bio-ethanol fuel burns clean and makes the sound of real flames. We also sell the market’s best quality bio-ethanol fuel

Child lock

Child lock

Voice info

Fireplaces provade voice info about when to refual and messages about any service needs


Cheap to install. Can be built anywhere you want a fireplace indoors. Requires only 220V

No Chimney needed

You do not have to spend money on a chimney or gas system as bottles, pipes, and cabinet. It will save you more than DFE costs you in purchasing


All our fireplaces are tested and packed to the highest standard, so we know they work and come to you without you having to spend time on problems.Read the manual and then plug and play

Smart control

It can be controlled via SHS (smart home system) (Optional) and works on all control systems such as KNX

customer support

Best customer support on the market. We help you all the way, even after warranty has expired

Ethanol Fuel

We are very proud to be able to deliver the best quality in the class of Bio-Ethanol. Use only the best Ethanol. Cheap ethanol is often sold as good quality.

Ethanol is not just ethanol, it can be made from mineral or vegetable (from underground or from plants) and there is a very big difference between ethanol and Ethanol.

DesignFires Ethanol Fuel

  • Best alcohol % gives beautiful real yellow flames
  • Plants-based ethanol which gives no smell on burned off
  • Bio-Neutral
  • Longer life of ethanol fireplaces
  • 1 liter 0.8kg Ethanol gives 7.2kW the same as a normal wood burning stove can provide

Others Ethanol Fuel

  • Too high alcohol % gives a white flame
  • Too low alcohol % gives a cold and blue flame
  • Cheaper synthetics ethanol creates unpleasant smell
  • Negative impact ethanol fireplaces ( more service cost )